Open Design School Matera

This year, the courtyard of Atelier Clerici will feature an open arena and stage for debates, screenings, and performances created by the Open Design School, a major new design program initiated by Matera European Capital of Culture 2019


The Open Design School is one of the pillar projects of Matera 2019, a living lab for interdisciplinary experimentation, a platform that will be the main feature of the Matera 2019 cultural programme. Its main goal is to set up a workshop for design and production that can enhance the creative and design resources of the city, of the region, of Italy and Europe in order to self-produce locally as much of the design strategy, hardware and technological competences as are needed to realise the full programme of cultural events in 2019.

The Open Design School will serve as an instrument of systemic, community-wide capacity building where learning occurs through doing, prototyping and testing, in a continuous creative exchange process between art, science and technology. It will be a horizontal platform, a place of interdisciplinary learning and experimentation without strict hierarchies in which everyone learns from everyone, in an atmosphere of mutual enrichment.

At Atelier Clerici, Matera 2019 will occupy the central courtyard of Palazzo Clerici with an installation designed in collaboration with the Open Design School. The installation will form an open arena and stage with seating for debates, screenings, performances. Matera 2019 organises several events and also hosts the other participants of Atelier Clerici 2017 and other institutions, friends, groups or individuals who are looking for a venue to present lectures and discussions. Culture in Matera for all of 2019 will be a dialogue for an Open Future. Let's start in Milan!

ODS_Matera_PierangeloLaterza_52 copy.jpg

Thursday 6 April, 16:30–18:00
Matera 2019 presents OPEN DESIGN SCHOOL project introduced by Paolo Verri, Joseph Grima and the Open Design School Workshop participants.
Location: Central Courtyard, Open Design School Arena.

After the talk Matera 2019 will initiate the Opening of Atelier Clerici 2017 in the back garden of Palazzo Clerici, with drinks. 

A project designed by Joseph Grima