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issue Nº4 'The Sink' delves into the alluring lives of the sink and launches with an installation of related items and backstage podcasts 


MacGuffin is a biannual design & crafts magazine featuring fabulous stories about ordinary things. Each edition uncovers the personal and sometimes curious relationships we have with the stuff that surrounds us.

MacGuffin Nº4 delves into the alluring lives of the sink, the object that speaks volumes about who we are and how we live. Featuring mesmerizing inox sinks, sinks for genever drinkers, pathologists and babies, ‘kommunalka’ sinks, sitcom sinks, and bottomless sinkholes into which everything disappears.

During the Salone 2017, MacGuffin takes up residence in the Parquet Room at the Palazzo Clerici. It will combine the launch of ‘The Sink’ issue with an exhibition of related items specially chosen by a select group of designers, insiders and aficionados. Moreover, these participants motivate their choice of a specific sink related ‘macguffins’ in interviews that visitors can listen to as mini-documentary podcasts.

Each object on display in the MacGuffin installation sheds light on our relationship with anonymous design, acts as a vehicle for design criticism, and exemplifies a personal story about its production and use. The installation itself consists of a monumental table adorned with sink components, along with associated items — from syphons to strainers and from dishcloths to drainers.

This accumulation of MacGuffins breathes life into the landscape of objects, right in the heart of Milan.

MacGuffin Nº4 'The Sink', Spring/Summer 2017, 216 p, 21×28 cm, English, ISSN 24058203.
NL€16 UK£14 US$20

  Garbage Disposal Dissection , Jesse Howard. Photo by Rene Mesman.

Garbage Disposal Dissection, Jesse Howard. Photo by Rene Mesman.

MacGuffin Magazine
Kirsten Algera & Ernst van der Hoeven (editors)
Sandra Kassenaar (graphic designer)

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