IN Residence 

TALISMAN — Contemporary Symbolic Objects
curated by Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò


To celebrate its tenth anniversary, IN Residence — the cultural project initiated and curated by Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò to encourage and contribute to the contemporary design debate — organises the group exhibition TALISMAN — Contemporary Symbolic Objects.

Installed in the splendid setting of Palazzo Clerici, the show includes 46 talismans created for the occasion by 46 international designers, who have all been actively involved in the IN Residence experience during the course of its ten editions.

Charged with the task of spreading positive portents and bringing good luck, the Talisman — in the guise of a small object activated by a specific liturgical formula — is a concentrate of mythology and folk beliefs, a precious and enigmatic artefact that across the ages has interpreted and represented distinct visions of a secular and/or magical rituality that thrives on the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Seen as the alter ego of the desire of its creator, the Talisman weds its essence to the identity of its owner, playing the role of avatar of a precise, presumed power that is projected into the world.

The group exhibition features unique objects made for the occasion by the followings designers: 45 kilo / Antonio Aricò / Atelier NL / Marjan van Aubel / AUT / Ferréol Babin / BCXSY / Pieke Bergmans / Julien Carretero / Matteo Cibic / Ciszak Dalmas / Commonplace / Daphna Laurens / Jonas Edvard / Germans Ermičs / Faberhama / Jean-Baptiste Fastrez / Laureline Galliot / Gionata Gatto / Gero Grundmann / Pepe Heykoop / Marlène Huissoud / Kolk & Kusters / Lanzavecchia + Wai / Fernando Laposse / Julia Lohmann / Carlo Lorenzetti / Andrea Magnani / Philippe Malouin / Sabine Marcelis / Peter Marigold / Jo Meesters / Minale-Maeda / Mischer’Traxler / Itay Ohaly / Chiara Onida / OS Δ OOS / Liliana Ovalle / Lex Pott / Julie Richoz / Nick Ross / Birgit Severin / ShiKai Tseng / Philipp Weber / Giorgia Zanellato / Anke Zedelius

Visit the new website to discover all the talismans and do the pre-bidding to purchase them:

The new book TALISMAN — Contemporary Symbolic Objects (Corraini) will be available during the exhibition.

Saturday 8 April, 15:00
The Auction: All of the works on display, unique objects realised for the occasion, will be auctioned off in the Salone degli Arazzi in Palazzo Clerici.

A project promoted by Associazione culturale IN Residence Design
With the patronage of CITTÀ di TORINO
With the contribution of Compagnia di San Paolo

Curated by
Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò

Supported by
Du Parc Contemporary Suites
Du Parc Oriental SPA

Press contact
Martina Gamboni


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