a taste of Going Real

the value of design in the age of post-capitalism


A taste of Going Real is a preview of the upcoming book by Marco Petroni, in collaboration with Giobanni Inella, and published by Planar Books. Going Real: The value of design in the age of post-capitalism is a limited-edition book specifically designed and published to be presented during the Milan Design Week 2017 as part of the Atelier Clerici events and initiatives program.

"The value of design is no longer measurable by its final price nor by a company’s turnover. That is why we’re off on an exploratory trip to understand who is designing to create value, as well as where and how this value is created. And what kind of value that is. From a social value, to a political and economic value standpoint, it is essential to resume thinking about all that design that the world of design has forgotten to look at."

Marco Petroni is a design theorist and critic, Professor of Contemporary Art History at Abadir (Catania), lecturer in History of Applied Arts, Fashion and Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts (Naples); Curator at large at Plart Foundation; he collaborates with several art, architecture and design magazines (Flash Art, Domus and Artribune).

Planar is an organization based in Bari (IT). Planar's research focuses on the study of the relationship between the main factors that determine the contemporaneity of the global landscape in which we live, in its material and immaterial dimensions. Planar inquires, through visual art tools, the relationships between technological evolution, authority, landscape transformations and daily life. Throughout different activities and devices including editorial and curatorial projects, Planar aims to create an environment for discussion, debate, research and education. In 2016 was opened Planar Gallery, a storefront with printing and publishing lab. Inside Planar Gallery is also placed the publishing house Planar Books.

Planar especially aims to be an European outpost for cultural exchanges with the Arab world. Main goal of Planar is to allow partnerships between private companies, artists and projects through specific research programs, placing them in a coordinated framework for visibility and relations with the Arab world.

Planar was founded in 2014 by Antonio Ottomanelli, Francesco Stelitano, Letizia Trulli, Anna Vasta. In 2016 Armando Perna has joined the group, leading to the opening of the gallery space.

Wednesday, 5 April, 15:30
Discussion with author Marco Petroni and Antonio Ottomanelli of Planar, with Elisabetta Fanelli and Tamar Shafrir.
Location: Courtyard Arena. Hosted by Matera 2019.

Marco Petroni in collaboration with Giovanni Inella

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Planar Books

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Elisabetta Fanelli



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