Tuesday 4 April, 16:30
Education: Are overseas fees corrosive to transnational eduction?
Moderated by Oli Stratford.

Wednesday 5 April, 16:30
Industry: Can the European design industry survive a transition from free movement to protectionist values?
Moderated by Johanna Agerman Ross.

Thursday 6 April, 9:30
Policy: Why aren't all economies circular?
Moderated by Joseph Grima.

Location: Central Courtyard, Open Design School Arena. Hosted by Matera 2019.

Disegno × British Council

During Milan’s Salone del Mobile, Disegno will stage a series of talks about the future of European design in collaboration with the British Council.

The three talks will be based around a central theme of international cooperation in the European design sector. Each talk will explore a different facet of design: education, policy and industry.

The talks will be moderated by Oli Stratford, editor-in-chief of Disegno; Joseph Grima, founder of architecture and research studio Space Caviar; and Johanna Agerman Ross, founding editor of Disegno and now curator at the V&A. Confirmed speakers include Orhan Nikšić, CEO and co-founder of Zanat; and Alexis Georgacopoulos, director of ECAL. The full list of speakers will be announced shortly.

The talks will be hosted in the courtyard of Atelier Clerici, a neoclassical palazzo in central Milan. During Salone del Mobile, the courtyard will be occupied by Matera 2019, with an installation designed in collaboration with the Open Design School. This installation will take the form of an open area and stage in which Disegno and the British Council's talks will take place.

Full details of the talks can be found below. The talks are free to attend with drinks and canapés served throughout.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to

Disegno × Bisley

Wednesday 5 April, 9:30
Disegno × Bisley: Privacy in the Age of Hyperconnectivity.

A panel discussion exploring how design conceives of privacy in a time of mass communication, featuring Jurgen Bey, Corrina Gardner and Parsons & Charlesworth.

This talk coincides with the launch of Disegno No. 14.
Drinks and canapés will be served.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to


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Disegno #14
Disegno is delighted to announce that the spring 2017 issue of the magazine can now be pre-ordered online, and will be available from shops in early April.

Highlights include an interview with J.W. Anderson on his abstractions of the human body; design analyses of the early presidency of Donald Trump; 11 colour exercises by contemporary designers, set by Bauhaus master Johannes Itten; a report from Ikea's quality control unit in Älmhult; a micro-history of designing living matter; and reflections on Rail Baltica, the European Union's largest infrastructure project to date.