Studio-X Amman

Studio-X Amman

a series of public lectures and roundtables by the architecture research studio


During Milan Design Week 2017, Studio-X Amman will host a series of public lectures and roundtables at Atelier Clerici. In addition to a presentation of the Frozen Imaginaries research project, documenting and analysing abandoned construction sites in Amman, this full-day programme includes presentations of all the current projects run by Studio-X Amman on borders and migration, counter-mapping and archival practices in Arab cities. Roundtable discussions will address architecture schools' engagements beyond academic spheres, as well as the evolution of the Design Week format in the Arab world.

Studio-X Amman is a regional platform for architecture design and research run by Columbia GSAPP and the Columbia Global Centers | Amman. Through workshops, lectures, screenings, and field visits, Studio-X Amman brings together Columbia GSAPP students and faculty with practitioners, researchers, and students from the Arab World to critically reflect on the role of architectural education and practice in areas of conflict.


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Studio-X Amman in collaboration with Antonio Ottomanelli




Studio-X Amman

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