Going Real

Going Real: The Value of Design Within Postcapitalism

by Marco Petroni in collaboration with Giovanni Innella, published by Planar Books 


New economic relationships, the influence of technology and algorithms on work processes, the autonomy of creativity in a scenario in deep transformation are the themes chosen to define a multiplicity of issues that prove a return of design to the reality of our world. The book is intended, therefore, as an open process, a toolbox, where you can find tools and references for generating a comparison that goes beyond specific disciplines and to share glances around novel operational and conceptual frameworks in which we are called to work and live. 

Designers, from being subject to the "rules" of the capitalist system and its mechanisms of exploitation, can ask themselves again what is most urgent in cognitive, or cultural terms.


Planar is a not-for-profit organisation based in Bari, dedicated to the growth of photography in its multiples aspect. Throughout different activities Planar aims to create an environment for discussion, debate, research and education on contemporary photography.

Marco Petroni

Marco Petroni is a design theorist and critic, Professor of Contemporary Art History at Abadir (Catania), and lecturer in History of Applied Arts, History of Contemporary Design, Fashion and Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts (Naples). His previous book is Mondi Possibili - appunti di teoria del design (Edizioni Temporale, Milano, 2016).

Giovanni Innella

Giovanni Innella is an Assistant Professor at Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (Tokyo Metropolitan University), Japan.


THURSDAY 6 april, 12:00

Discussion with Antonio Ottomanelli of Planar and author Marco Petroni





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